tiffany werner
master makeup artist
Experience working with...

hi def. film. video. print. documentary. high fashion. bridal

prosthetics. life casting. wounds. bruises. illness.beard/hair work. bald caps. old age

hairstyling available

Recent Credits and Projects...

Staff Infection   2008 *
key makeup
key sfx
director: kevin sonnichsen
producer: lon r. donald

The Mourning After
48 Hour Film Project
san francisco 2008
key makeup

The Blue of Noon *
feature film
director: juan azulay
producer: paula massa
key makeup/hair/fx
currently in production

In The Minds of Men *
guilty by association film productions
feature film
director: geoffrey yeh
director of photography: james wu
key makeup
key sfx
key hair
currently in post production

Eyes of Yu *
short film
writer and director: juan azulay
producers: paula massa, seana carroll, juan azulay

Pintauro Road *
short film
director: kevin sonnichsen
producer: lon donald
key makeup
key hair

Task Force 318
director:  Rob Cardoso
key makeup
key sfx makeup

*denotes IMDb credit
Special Thanks and Photography Credits:

Brian Duong: bduong photography
Christine Holding:
Juan Azualy: Matter Management
Kevin Sonnichsen

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